Your pets are a part of your family, but when the adults go to work and the kids are at school, your pets are left home alone. So what happens to them if something happens to you?

The Pet Care Card is a credit card sized card that fits neatly into your wallet. If you as the owner are ever in an accident, sick or injured and are unable to return home to care for your pet, this card can be easily seen in your wallet, alerting those around you that your pet needs care.

On the reverse side of the card is space for you to write the name of your pet, as well as the emergency contact information of a friend, family member or neighbor who should be contacted to care for your pet while you are unable to do so.

We recommend each member of your family carry a card with them in their wallets, and also recommend having a card in your cars and one more at your workplace. Emergency situations are often unpredictable, so making sure The Pet Care Card is easily found can help save your pet's life. 

In an effort to give back, a portion of your purchase is donated to Greater Good, an independent charitable organization devoted to addressing the health and well-being of animals. These donations are used to buy nutritious, high quality pet food for the countless dogs and cats in animal shelters shelters and rescue organizations nationwide.

With the help of our customers, in the month of December we were able to donate enough funds to Greater Good to feed 58,629 shelter animals!