With Your Help, We're Feeding Thousands of Shelter Animals
Every purchase made on The Pet Care Card's website helps us donate to Greater Good, an independent charitable organization devoted to addressing the health and well-being of animals. These donations are used to buy nutritious, high quality pet food for the countless dogs and cats in animal shelters shelters and rescue organizations nationwide.

Each product purchased from our online store provides a certain number of meals for animals in shelters. The list below shows how many meals each item purchased donates towards animals in need:

Wallet Cards - 3 Animals Fed
Key Ring Tags - 5 Animals Fed
Window Stickers - 5 Animals Fed
ICE Cards for the Car - 5 Animals Fed
Adjustable Pet Seat Belts - 8 Animals Fed
Health Record Booklets - 6 Animals Fed
Pet Care Bundle Boxes - 10 Animals Fed

With the help of our customers, in the month of December we were able to donate enough funds to Greater Good to feed 58,629 shelter animals! 

How Can I Get Involved?
If you want to partner with us and help us continue to feed tens of thousands of shelter animals every month, you can help us in two ways: 

Make A Purchase - Every item sold on our website helps us donate more meals each month. Head over to our online store and see what items we have available.

Share Our Website - By sharing our website with your friends and family via email or social media, you help us reach more pet owners to not only get our pet safety products into their hands, but also help us donate more meals through the purchases your friends make.