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You Have My Heart Adjustable Bracelet

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For a limited time, we're offering this beautiful adjustable bracelet to help raise money to help animal shelters deal with the intake of lost and injured pets as a result of the string of devastating natural disasters, including Hurricane Florence and the wildfires that are raging throughout California. Due to the severity of these disasters, millions of people have been displaced which causes a spike in the number of lost pets ending up in shelters. 

With each bracelet sold, a portion of proceeds will be donated to Greater Good who is already working with dozens of animal shelters across the impacted areas who are in need of food, resources, medical supplies and transportation of animals out of harm's way.

If we can even help a handful of animals, we feel it's our responsibility to make that happen.

$10 Spent = 20 Donated Meals for Shelter Dogs!

For every $10 spent on our website, we donate enough funds to pay for 20 nutritious, high quality meals for the countless dogs and cats living in animal shelters shelters nationwide.

We donate to Greater Good, an independent charitable organization devoted to addressing the health and well-being of animals. 

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